A Video Streaming Player

Vodrex Player allows you to stream & watch videos on the go from your streaming service provider, with improved load times plus the latest video codecs.

Full HD & SD Quality

Vodrex player supports Full HD (high definition 1,920 × 1,080) or SD (standard definition) seamlessly, following the video content.

Plays Everything

Our versatile player has been developed to stream & play the most compatible video file formats.

Playback Recordings

Vodrex Player can always playback any recordings for catchup later if the linked streaming service provider supports the recording function.

Easy Setup

Add your streaming repositories easily to start video streaming. you can do so in your TV App or Mobile App.

Designed for
Great User Experience

Manage user account right inside Vodrex Player app.

Manage User Account

You can manage your account & renew subscriptions easily within the app.

Referral Program

Join referral programs & start inviting your friends to earn rewards!

Reward & Redemption

Redeem rewards to renew your subscription or simply pay for your friend’s subscription!

*Images are for illustration purpose only, features may vary.

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Manage your Customers
& Subscriptions

A video player backed by Vodrex Admin Portal


Vodrex Admin Portal is available for you to manage your customer accounts :

  • Create accounts for new customers
  • Manage subscription services
  • Built-in functional top up & pay wallet
  • Receive payment from your customer’s built-in Wallet
  • Pay for your customer’s subscriptions
  • Referral Program
  • Reward & Redemption Programs
  • Set up streaming repositories

Receive payments from your customers easily!

  • Supports Credit Card Payments
  • Supports selected Cryptocurrencies Payments
  • Automatic activation for your customer’s subscriptions

Manage your Resellers

Earn more revenue with Reseller Programs

Vodrex Admin Portal manage your reseller's sales & commission accurately, and your reseller can always recruit more agents to grow your business revenue. Reseller Management features :

  • Create new accounts for your resellers & agents
  • Agents Structure review
  • Sales commission report
  • All levels of commission settings are customizable
  • Perform transaction with a built-in wallet
  • Timely commission payouts

Customizable Reseller Programs

Customize reseller

By setting a default reseller commission rate, your reseller may assign as many agents as pleased including the option of assigning a preferred commission rate for each agent.


Vodrex Admin Portal for your streaming services:
Customers, Subscriptions & Resellers Management.

Vodrex Player for your customers:
Video streaming on the go!

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